The Zolas – Come Back to Life [Music Video]

The Zolas dropped their brand new single and music video called “Come Back To Life.”
The track forms part of collection of apocalyptic songs that the band will be releasing each month this summer called Z DAYS.

About the song & video:
The video for “Come Back To Life” carries on the Wong Kar-Wai-inspired lyric vignettes series to accompany each Z Day release.
“We’ve been fans of Wong Kar-Wai for years,” explains Zach Gray, “especially his punkier 90s movies like Fallen Angels, and had always chatted socially with the Amazing Factory guys about doing something together one day that paid homage to that vibe.”
“Come Back To Life” is a reminder to keep fighting for change.
We can’t let ourselves despair and sink back into apathy.
We can’t be drawn in by the cozy siren song of pop culture oblivion.
Yes, it’s a heavy current we’re facing with climate change and decolonization.
Yes, our arms are burning.
Yes, we gotta keep swimming.
All the best to you,
Zach, Dwi, Coco

Come Back To Life gets:

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