Tomacco – Shake It [Listen]

Who knew a band name would be inspired by a Simpsons episode?
That is the case for Tomacco from Toronto.
Yes, it is that episode where Homer grows a hybrid plant by crossing tomatoes with tobacco.
The band consists of Denny Copf as songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and saxophonist, Charlie Ziegler on synth, Jessie Taynton on bass and Luke Psotka on drums.

Anyways Shake It is the leading single from their self-titled EP which comes out on March 22, 2018.
The track has that retro funky rock vibe to it.
The one band that I can think, on the top of my head, is Fast Romantics.
As the title suggests, get moving and shaking!

The band will be doing their EP release show at Lee’s Palace on March 22, 2018.

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