Top Albums & Singles Picks by Jill Krajewski [Best of 2014]

Check out Jill Krajewski’s picks of 2014.
Short, sweet and simple on her list.


  1. St. Vincent – St. Vincent
  2. Mac DeMarco – Salad Days
  3. Silkken Laumann – Not Forever Enough
  4. Rich Aucoin – Ephemeral
  5. Ought – More Than Any Other Day


  1. Arcade Fire – We Exist
  2. Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)
  3. The Hidden Cameras – Year of the Spawn
  4. St. Vincent – Digital Witness
  5. The Darcys – Horses Fell

By day, Jill Krajewski is a Content Coordinator at Audio Blood, a full-service artist and brand development company based in Toronto.
By night, she dreams of a world where David Bowie will tour again.

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