TOPS & Tallies @ Bronson Centre

Friday night at the Bronson Centre with TOPS and Tallies.
Ottawa was the final stop on their mini Ontario tour for the two bands before they head back and tour in Europe.
TOPS & Tallies @ Bronson Centre
It was so great to see Montreal’s TOPS perform since they didn’t get to promote their fourth album I Feel Alive due to the pandemic.
With their soft pop rock music, it was great to dance to their music from their selected discography.
Seemed like they breezed by very quickly in their 11-12 song set.
Surprisingly the concert ended before 10pm but it was so worth it.
Still a little bummed out that they didn’t sing Outside.
TOPS & Tallies @ Bronson Centre
Kicking off the show was Toronto based band Tallies.
They sounded so great with their indie dream pop and shoegaze music.
Can’t wait for the new album in the summer time.
Check out the gallery.

Overall show gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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