Whale Tooth (EP Review)

After seeing them on September 12th.
Finally got their EP simply titled Whale Tooth.
In case you don’t know this Toronto band, the members consist of:

  • Elise LeGrow
  • Norm Maschke
  • Alex Denike
  • Michael McCreary
  • Sep Noroozi

When they play live their just bring alot of high fun energy.
Listening to this EP, it definitely has the same feeling.
Their music is indie pop/rock.
Has abit of the classic 80s pop rocking sound in “Hibernation Song” and “Clever” (That song reminds me of Katrina and the Waves).
You should go out and get this EP.
I absolutely enjoy this band and love this EP.
Can’t wait for their full length debut.
Here is a music video for Hibernation Song

Favorite tracks:

  • Hibernation Song
  • [audio:http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/files/Get.aspx?g={5590F65C-4C76-4685-89A9-C40D1067AED2}&t=1]
  • Six Billion
  • [audio:http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/files/Get.aspx?g={716100A5-2E20-4439-B6EB-4116B28973DB}&t=1]
  • Sleepwalking
  • [audio:http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/files/Get.aspx?g={E88333E1-20E3-415A-81C5-6297FA507FA2}&t=1]
  • Marlboro Beach Bonanza
  • [audio:http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/files/Get.aspx?g={3357FE67-A0ED-4132-9338-B6A6385F7A73}&t=1]
  • Clever
  • [audio:http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/files/Get.aspx?g={019A1865-639E-4F19-AF7C-DEB8D37EC63C}&t=1]

I guess you can say I love every track on the EP.
If I rate this, it would be 10/10
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  1. Amber

    Just got home from Whale Tooth and Mother Mother (Edmonton, March 31st)!! Awesome show.. Whale Tooth definitely, with out a shadow of a doubt, have talent! I’ve never been so instantly engaged with a band! -Bought the album & love it!

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