Wildlife, Topanga, Yes Please and Thank You & David Little g @ Mavericks [April 7, 2012]

I finally got a chance to see two great and up and coming Toronto bands play Mavericks on April 7, 2012.
Playing at the show were:
Yes Please and Thank You
David Little g

The show started off with Ottawa’s David Little g.
I thought it would be just a solo set.
But he had a backing band, felt like the Gallop but not really.
It was mostly his songs he wrote but there was one or two songs from the Gallop.
It was a nice set.

Second was Yes Please and Thank You.
This was my second time seeing them.
This time they had their clothes on.
It was a really loud rocking set.

I finally got to see Topanga.
Considering the times they have played in Ottawa, I seem to miss them out due to other shows.
They were really that great and surely won me over!
Fun and rocking!
Who knew this band had that energy!
They played tracks from the Lionheart and Oceans EP.
Also previewed some new track from the upcoming full-length which will drop sometime in the fall.
A really great set!

Lastly it was Wildlife’s turn.
Another band who I finally got to see live.
Man they were amazing live!
They started off with the epic instrumental Synesthesia (?)
It was a amazing set!
The band played mostly from their album “Strike Hard, Young Diamond“.
Loved hearing Sea Dreamer and When I Get Home.
They totally rocked it!

Here are the rest of the photos.

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