Winnie Truong’s Supernatural @ Saw Gallery

Galerie Saw Gallery has an exhibition up by Toronto’s Winnie Truong called Supernatural.
Here is an excerpt about it:
Winnie Truong’s exhibition Supernatural finds its own way to describe the immaterial.
The exhibition brings together new and existing works that abstractly take up ideas of nature and femininity, care and support and independence and interdependence.
Interlinked bodies and plant life feature heavily in Truong’s recent works.
Consisting of dense line drawings that are cut out and placed into assemblages, these forms may not be supernatural in a typical sense, but they do make allowances for the mysterious and otherworldly.
Each work within the exhibition functions as a world onto itself.
To Make Hollow a Home, for example, encloses two figures in dark, plant-like waves. Unusually but contentedly contorted, the two beings are surrounded by purple flowers in different stages of bloom.
The flowers and bodies are proportionately scaled to one another, confusing our sense of natural orders. This particular work seems to evoke a nighttime ritual or dreamlike garden exploit.
Yet as with all of Truong’s works, there is not a singular narrative offered that we are intended to follow.
Even without or perhaps because of this lack of narrative, it is easy to become fully absorbed in Truong’s countless lines, carefully considered colour fields and tempting details, which have become increasingly layered as she
continues to expand her practice.
The paper cut-outs started as a means to elude flatness and extend drawing into the three-dimensional.
Urging the medium to operate more structurally, the paper cut-outs shift Truong’s mark-making into the realm of the sculptural.
From here, Truong turned to animation as a way of giving movement and flexibility to her compositions.

The exhibition runs until January 31, 2020.
More info on here.
Check out the photos before the opening reception started.

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