World Cup 2010 Fever time!

In a few days the world is in anticipation for this years World Cup in South Africa.
Football/Soccer, whatever you want to call it.
I might or might not be watching this year’s.
Its the most watched sporting than the Olympics.
Shows that
I like to give out my favorite picks to songs that is related to the World Cup.
Mostly they are all British and one Canadian.
If you like to add any songs related to it, please make a comment.
Here are the songs.

Three Lions by Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds

This song is aging like fine wine and has become a tradition for England football fans (or not).
Its a great sing along song and I am more used with the 1998 version mostly because I own the CD single for it.
Three Lions ’98
Three Lion (Original version) for those purists.

Now in 2010 the song has come back again but without the Lightning Seeds.
This time joined by Robbie Williams and comedian Russell Brand under the name “The Squad” with some gospel choir and opera singer.
It doesn’t have the same feel from the original one
But have a listen.
3 Lions 2010

Just had to add New Order in this pick since I love this band alot.
I can’t believe its their only #1 hit in the UK considering the amount of tracks they made during 1980 to 2007.
It has that New Order sound and who doesn’t like England player John Barnes rapping in this song.
I wish they got back together.
World In Motion

Last but not least.
Just had to add in a Canadian feel to this.
Like it or not besides being played alot in Canadian radio with the “all star edition” (at least the proceeds is going to Haiti relief), K’Naan is doing really well this year for Wavin’ Flag.
Considering its Coca-Cola’s Official song for their World Cup.
At least he is getting his music across outside of Canada.
Wavin’ Flag (Celebration Mix)

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