You Say Party – Friend [Listen]

On January 16th, You Say Party dropped the single Friend.
It kind of made a little ripple on the blogosphere when they came back with this new single and news of a possible new LP or more singles.
Here is a small blurb about it:
Friends written by Becky Ninkovic in honor of her friend, Devon Clifford.
Devon passed away in April 2010 while on stage with the rest of the members of You Say Party.
He was doing what he loved to do, playing the drums.

I was very lucky to see them reunite for Paper Bag Record‘s 10th Anniversary concert on September 29, 2012.
All I have to say that it was a moving set!
Friends is far different from the new wave dance punk music we have been used to.
This is more a mellow dark somber electro-new wave kind of track.
Have a listen to Friend.

Also listen to Teen Daze‘s remix.

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