You Say Party! We Say Die! – XXXX [Review]

XXXX is the the third album by You Say Party! We Say Die!
Technically fourth if you consider the remix album as part of it.
XXXX actually stands for love (who knew!).
I should have reviewed this album in October when the band was X3’s Artist of Month.
This album is a subtle change from their last effort.
The band is musically evolving with their music and the band itself.
Since the whole album is all about LOVE.
They still haven’t lost their touch with the new wave pop punk sound.
As in tracks like Glory, Cosmic Wanship Avengers, Lonely’s Lunch and Make XXXX (LOVE).
While you have dance beats in Dark Days and Laura Palmer’s Prom.

Best Tracks:

  • There Is XXXX (Within My Heart)
  • Glory
  • Dark Days
  • Lonely’s Lunch
  • Make XXXX
  • Laura Palmer’s Prom
  • Heart Of Gold

This is a great album and sounds ten times better on vinyl.
XXXX gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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