ZOON – Bleached Wavves [Music Video]

Somehow I thought Zoon‘s long awaited debut album came out today, nope Bleached Wavves won’t be out until June 19, 2020 via Paper Bag Records.
Today, they dropped the music video of the title-track pristinely created ‘moccasin-gaze’ debut LP, Bleached Wavves.
Music video was directed by John Smith.

About the track/album:
Within the song Zoon takes us on a journey, re-connecting to the sounds in nature and the time in his teens that brings him calm and serenity.
In the Ojibway language, Zoongide’ewin means “bravery, courage, the Bear Spirit.”
Daniel Monkman adopted this name and the shortened version, Zoon as his musical name-sake as he has spent the better part of his 28 years channeling his bravery and unbreakable spirit to overcome every single life obstacle in his path from racism to abuse and addiction.

“Recording ‘Bleached Wavves’ was a very quick process, all in all. Everything about it was from an improvisational approach. Guitar and vocals were all done in one or two takes. I really wanted to capture the rawness of this process,” notes Daniel. “After sometime I realized that it’s a song about my experiences in Selkirk Manitoba, it’s funny how the subconscious works. It’s about heartbreak, love and compromise.”

“Some of the random lyrics paint a picture of the local fair that I use to attend in my early years, but then others remind me about the slow disintegration of soul caused by substance abuse and untreated trauma. To calm down when I’m stressing about things that are out of my control, I like to listen to nature sounds. This is why I added in the seagulls, thunder, and waves, in the intro and throughout the track. I want my music to heal.”
Bleached Wavves gets:

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