4in1 Music Session @ Fifth Avenue Court/Arrow & Loon Pub on January 27, 2013

I should spread the word out on the upcoming 4in1 Music Session happening at the Fifth Avenue Court inside the Arrow & Loon Pub  (99 Fifth Avenue) on January 27th
For those not aware:
4in1 Music Session‘ features local artists playing around the city of Ottawa in interesting places.
To check out previous sessions, click here.
As the poster says it.
This time the sessions will stick back to four acts, hence the name.
Here is the times and acts playing:

  • 3:30pm: Samuel Youngbuck
  • 4pm: Cory Levesque
  • 4:30pm: Harea Band
  • 5pm: King’s Quest

Want to give thanks to the people at Arrow & Loon Pub for getting this set up.
So you can order some food and drinks there and enjoy the music.
For more info check or like on the Facebook Fanpage.

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