7 Years and Still Going…

Not for one to brag about but here goes!
Today is the day on March 5, 2010 I decided to make this website.
Technically I’ve been photographing this since 2008-ish if I remember correctly.
I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long.
So is this technically more than 7 years?

This site is not as big and well known from other music sites (those who shall be nameless).
Since it is mostly a photo-site (Despite the naysayers).
I still kept going to shows and photographing the bands/artist who has been playing the Nation’s Capital.
Great festivals like Pop Montreal!, Arboretum Festival, Megaphono, Ottawa Explosion, Bluesfest and others around that I could photograph and loving every moment.
To the venues big and small in Ottawa which makes Ottawa’s Music Scene better. (That is alot to list down).
Not just music which I cover, there is the arts and culture happening in the scene too.
Those little gem that makes you want check it out.

Since I am the lone wolf who runs this site, it is very hard getting contributors to help me out.
I handle this with a little ease on my own with some patience plus multitasking.
Here is to No Filter on CHUO FM playing whatever music I like to play on the air.
While there will be highs and lows and not get the jaded bug.
You need a clear mindset and just enjoy it as it is

While I not be mentioned in the thank you section for their albums or get the credit I deserve.
But I am still a big supporter for everyone in the scene.
Let’s hope for more big things to come on this site and the future.

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