Went to Pressed for Experimental Music Wednesdays.
From April 4 – May 16 there was a series of live experimental music, which turned into a great Wednesday night hangout spot.
This was final instalment of the series, and everyone’s hoping it will be coming back in the future.

Playing at this series was:
Decomposing Pianos

• Matt Morel

• Jason Yung

Radioactive Bishop

The set started off with Radioactive Bishop, who played an ambient electronica set.
The last two tracks were a bit livelier, and kind of made me want to dance.
Radioactive Bishop @ Pressed
Next was Jason Yung, who put on more of a performance piece, with samurai like moves and sounds coming from the sword.
It was pretty interesting to see and hear.
Jason Yung @ Pressed
Next was Matt Morel.
He had a cello and did a piece called Howl, which was pretty experimental and had the audience howling by the end.
Matt Morel @ Pressed
Then I caught a bit of Decomposing Pianos, with their experimental noise set that I wish I got to see more of.
Decomposing Pianos @ Pressed
Overall, it was a crowded last night of Experimental Music Wednesdays at Pressed, which will hopefully return soon.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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