Ottawa Rock Lottery 2012 [Photos]

A wild and fun night at Mavericks on May 19, 2012.
It was the return of the Ottawa Rock Lottery which is in it’s fourth year.
What is Rock Lottery?
25 musicians from all different genres and bands.
5 bands determined by randomly pulling names out of a very stylish hat.
24 hrs to create a 20 – 30 minute set of all original music.
1 night only. Proceeds going to The Ottawa Food Bank.
Ottawa Rock Lottery 4.0

Here were the results of the bands.
Ottawa Rock Lottery 2012: Pretty Wolf
Byron Williams- Aardwolf
Kevin Earle – And What Army
Jesse Dangerously – Rap legend Jesse Dangerously
Brad Mordan
Mike Yates- Amos the Transparent

Ottawa Rock Lottery 2012: Band #2
Issac Valentin – Josef Pollock
Brauson Lalonde – Elly May
Gregg Clarke- Hotshotcasino
Amelia Leclair – Three Little Birds
Nick Pouponeau – Zoo Legacy

Ottawa Rock Lottery 2012: Garage Sailor
Mike Laing – The Love Machine
Andrew Hunt – Fire and Neon
Ian Keteku – Daughters of the Revolution
David Taggart – The Strain
Iva Borojevic – Zebrassieres

Ottawa Rock Lottery 2012: Iron Bitch Face
Mark Laforest- Autumn’s Canon
Paul Ross – The Gallop
Corey Brown – Hotshotcasino
Sean Tansey – Miss Polygamy
Dee Dee Butters – The Peptides

Ottawa Rock Lottery 2012: Band #5
Kathleen Cauley – Loon Choir
Colin McDougal – Fevers
David Pierce – Ornaments
Mitch Davies – Aardwolf
Conor Kehoe – Mackenzie Rhythm Section

Here are the rest of the photos.

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