Decomposing Pianos, Matt Morel & Radioactive Bishop @ Pressed [May 16, 2012]

Went to Pressed for Experimental Music Wednesdays.
From April 4 – May 16 there was a series of live experimental music, which turned into a great Wednesday night hangout spot.
This was final instalment of the series, and everyone’s hoping it will be coming back in the future.

Playing at this series was:
Decomposing Pianos

• Matt Morel

• Jason Yung

Radioactive Bishop

The set started off with Radioactive Bishop, who played an ambient electronica set.
The last two tracks were a bit livelier, and kind of made me want to dance.
Radioactive Bishop @ Pressed
Next was Jason Yung, who put on more of a performance piece, with samurai like moves and sounds coming from the sword.
It was pretty interesting to see and hear.
Jason Yung @ Pressed
Next was Matt Morel.
He had a cello and did a piece called Howl, which was pretty experimental and had the audience howling by the end.
Matt Morel @ Pressed
Then I caught a bit of Decomposing Pianos, with their experimental noise set that I wish I got to see more of.
Decomposing Pianos @ Pressed
Overall, it was a crowded last night of Experimental Music Wednesdays at Pressed, which will hopefully return soon.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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  1. Marlon

    Hey based on the photos you guys look like you’re having lots of fun. Any idea what kind of new music genre’ you’re venturing into and what will you call it? 😉

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