Absolutely Free – Absolutely Free. [Review]

I can’t get enough of saying this band’s name.
After two EPs released under their belt.
Toronto’s Absolutely Free has finally released their long awaited full-length album which is self-titled with a period at the end.
Before that, the band used to be DD/MM/YYYY but I never gotten around to their music.
But with Absolutely Free there was something about their music that I felt quite comfortable listening to.
Listening to this album, I really enjoyed the psychedelic hazy elctro-rock nature.
Complex is one word to say about this album.
Think of Beck’s New Pollution but without the saxophone and maybe add in some Caribou (Earth II) and The Beatles to the mix.
One of the best albums of 2014.

Best tracks:

  • Window of Time
  • Beneath the Air
  • Blurred Lens
  • Earth II
  • My Dim Age
  • Vision’s

I’d give Absolutely Free. 10/10