Adam & The Amethysts – Prophecy [Listen/Download]

Finally it’s time to mention the news about Adam & The Amethysts.
When I attended NXNE 2011 in June.
I happened to bump into Jon Bartlett of Kelp Records at the Polaris Music Prize Longlist ceremonies.
He gave me a demo CD of Adam & The Amethysts’s new upcoming album “Flickering Flashlight”.
I literally dropped my jaw because the album is going to be released on Kelp Records.
I would say Adam & The Amethysts is the first non-Ottawa act to be on the label.
I heard the whole album and it’s amazing, but the review will be up in a few weeks.
You can check out the leading single Prophecy.
ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS – Prophecy by kelprecords

The times I’ve seen this band live, there is a constant revolving door on the members.
One time Jessie Stein who now plays in the Luyas used to be in the band and Graham of Miracle Fortress too.
Here is a info on the new album.
Montreal-based Adam & The Amethysts are set to release their second album Flickering Flashlight as a limited edition, Canadian-made 180g LP, as well as CD and digital on Ottawa’s Kelp Records on October 4, 2011.
Recorded over two years at home by multi-instrumentalist Adam Waito, Flickering Flashlight is filled with beautiful contradictions: dreamy, yet melancholy, lo-fi yet texturally complex.
Layers of strings, pianos, guitars and percussion paint wide-open spaces, the kind that Adam knew intimately growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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