Anamai, Inland Island and Willow @ Bar Robo

I was excited for this Debaser presented show at Bar Robo on June 6, 2017.
Performing at the show was Toronto’s Anamai, Montreal’s Inland Island and Ottawa/Montreal’s Willow.
Anamai @ Bar Robo
Anamai recently release her second album What Mountain.
It was a lovely intimate set of experimental dreamy and haunting pop music.
Inland Island @ Bar Robo
Montreal’s Inland Island was the second band to perform.
Nice quirky indie pop-rock set.
Kind of reminded me of Nap Eyes for abit.
Performed tracks from Zsa Zsa’s Window Opens Slowly and new materials from their upcoming album.
Willow @ Bar Robo
Willow started off the set with some thought-provoking open up my soul poetry.
Check out the rest of the photos.

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