Telecomo, Silver Dapple, Bond Girls and Corridor @ Babylon Nightclub

Telecomo held their LP release party at Babylon Nightclub on June 9, 2017.
To help celebrate this occasion, three great opening bands performed which were Silver Dapple, Bond Girls and Corridor.
Telecomo @ Babylon Nightclub
Telecomo rocked it out of the park with their set.
Being their album release and stuff.
Felt somewhat short but I didn’t mind it since there were some people who moshed at the last few songs.
There was some nice cool video projection too.
Silver Dapple @ Babylon Nightclub
Hadn’t seen Silver Dapple in such a long time.
I really enjoyed their and gotten more grungy guitar rock sound.
Bond Girls @ Babylon Nightclub
Toronto/Ottawa-expats Bond Girls totally rocked it out on stage.
Apparently, it was their last show with the name since they are going to change it.
Corridor @ Babylon Nightclub
I was impressed with Corridor from Montreal.
They had that jangly-guitar/post-punk music similar to Preoccupations/Chad VanGaalen but with a Montreal twist.
Forgot there was four band in one night but it was definitely a fun night
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