Arboretum Festival 2014: Julie Doiron + The Wooden Stars, Evening Hymns, Bosveld [August 20, 2014]

On the third night of Arboretum Arts + Music Festival, I made the right choice and go to St. Alban’s Church which was definitely the hot show to attend and very sold out!
Considering the other show which I won’t mention only let in 10 festival passes in and you had to pay $15.
Arboretum 2014 Third Night
The big headliner of the night was Julie Doiron and The Wooden Stars.
It was a long time coming for this reunion.
All I have to say that it was a wonderful set to hear and with a packed crowd.
They were very happy about it.
Julie Doiron and The Wooden Star @ St. Albans Church
Evening Hymns was the second band to play.
It was kind of déjà vu because Jonas was wearing the same t-shirt at Kelp 20 back in May.
I swear something about his music I couldn’t stop getting too emotional and cry.
Hearing Dead Deer and You & Jake was gut wrenching to hear.
But they did preview a lot of new material which was more upbeat and reminded me of the Wooden Sky.
Couldn’t be any ecstatic seeing this set!

Evening Hymns @ St. Albans Church
Bosveld was the first band to play.
You can say that it was their homecoming show.
Since they did a mini tour by bike.
They grew from a duo to a full band.
They played a indie folk pop set.
Overall it was another successful night for Arboretum Festival.
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