Astral Swans – All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson [Review]

My memory seems hazy and fuzzy on how I got into Astral Swans.
But one thing for sure was I remembered Mathew Swann’s previous project was Extra Happy Ghost!!!.
Looks like he will be sticking around as Astral Swans for the time being.
While Extra Happy Ghost!!! was more a upbeat loud pop experience.
Astral Swans is more a low-key minimal pop experience.
The long awaited debut album “All my Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson” dropped on February 24, 2015.
Don’t be fooled by the title since this isn’t a “country” album.
Take note that this is the first album on Madic Records which is Dan Mangan‘s imprint label.
12 tracks of lo-fi experimental folk-pop music.
Thoughtful lyrics which portrays the musicians emotions.
Astral Swans @ Pressed
I can sort of see why Dan Mangan signed him since there is that whole lonely male singer/songwriter vibe to it.
Calgary is famous for Chad VanGaalen and Viet Cong.
You should definitely take a chance on Astral Swans.
It’s one of those albums you want to curl up in a blanket drinking your hot chocolate.
Best tracks:

  • There Are Ways To Get What You Want
  • Beginning of the End
  • Let Their Faces All Blur Out
  • What Calms You Down, Freaks Me Out
  • You Carry a Sickness
  • Park Street
  • Holly
  • My Conscience Don’t Work In The New World

I’d give the album 8/10.

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