Big Dick – Disappointment [Review]

Artwork by Mike Laderoute

Ottawa duo Big Dick finally dropped their second album called Disappointment.
15 tracks of high energetic thrashing post-punk garage grungey rock music.
The album has a theme in disappointment on the tracks Let Down, Last Days, Give Up, Good Hunting and Bad Dream.
What is different this time from their debut album is most of the tracks are very short and lo-fi/distortion on the vocals.
At least it is straight forwards and leaves no punches.
Catchy and melodic at times, leaves you rocking out.
The most standout track (to me) is God’s Teeth which is two songs into one.
When it transitions to heavy bass guitar-ness and lo-fi vocals at the 1:25 minute mark.
Bad Dream totally reminds me of a Metz song!
While the ending track Get Obese gave me the giggles.
Visualizing a video montage of a food eating contest with people “stuffing their face”.
This album is not a disappointment.
Lovers of Metz, Japandroids and Death from Above 1979.
Best tracks:

  • Let Down
  • Sick
  • Up a Step
  • Out on a Limb
  • Crawl
  • God’s Teeth
  • On and On
  • Bad Dream

I’d give Disappointment 9/10.
Also listen to my interview with Johnny O from February 9th.

No Filter – Feb 9, 2015 (Hour Two) – Interview with Johnny O of Big Dick. by Photogmusic on Mixcloud

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