Austra, Trust and Silkken Laumman @ Ritual [May 27, 2011]

It was a electro-dance evening at Ottawa’s Ritual on May 27, 2011.
I wanted to get my dance on to these three acts which were:

It was a first fro Austra to play a show in Ottawa.
With alot of buzz from the blogosphere and being signed to Domino records there is no way on missing this show.

The show started off with Ottawa’s Silkken Laumman.

For those that don’t know, it is fronted by Rolf Klausener & Pat Johnson of the Acorn and Adam Saikaley of CBC Radio 1‘s Bandwidth.

So far this is their second show in 2011.
At least it was a bigger space than their first show which there was more room to dance around.
Surprised to see a special guest which was Kristy singing a song at the end with them.

It was a fun dancey set.
Hopefully and DEMAND Silkken Laumann will release an EP.

Second was Trust.
Features Maya who plays in Austra.

This was my first time seeing them play since I missed out last year at NXNE.
Apparently there was issues from the keyboardist which I really didn’t noticed.
It was a interesting set filled with dark electro-dance tunes.
Very avant-garde in a electronica sense.

Listen to Candy Walls.

Last it was Austra’s time to shine on stage.

Noticed alot of people crowding up the stage.
I guess the hype and word of mouth really worked for them.
Katie started off Darken Her Horse.
Man Katie’s vocal is just so powerful when she just belts out the songs.
Seemed that they were playing some of the album tracks in order.

Lose It was the second track and let’s say the audience just lost it and danced like crazy.
Let’s say I literally “lost it” when I sang the chorus of the song.

I noticed two people I knew decided to join me near the front of the stage and just had a fun time dancing to her tunes.
There was a great vibe and people enjoyed it.
Maybe it was the incessant dancing, I felt the show ended so fast.
It would have been nice if she did a cover but I’d doubt that Katie would ever do it again under Austra.
Overall I utterly and totally was mindblown with Austra’s music.
I couldn’t stop siniging and dancing to the music.

Forgot the name of the encore (It will come back to me), surprised that the keyboardist was playing the sax.
It was unique to see but still I am like “What is with the sax that is making a comeback?”
Hope they come back to Ottawa again.
Listen to the Beat & The Pulse.
One of the best show so far in 2011!!!
Here are the photos

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