B.A. Johnston feat. Laura Barrett – Truffle Shuffle [Listen/Download]

I will admit to not getting into the music of B.A. Johnston.
When I read the news that he will drop a new album (his eighth) called Hi Dudes! on February 21, 2012.
I was more interested and fascinated in the song Truffle Shuffle.
Because the song features Laura Barrett who is a musician and plays in the Weezer cover band “Sheezer“.
A cool short Bluegrass folksy tune.

Have a listen to Truffle Shuffle.
What you think of this song?
Here is the info on the new album.
Hi Dudes! finds B.A. once again recording with producer Paul Linklater (Dave Bidini, The Pinecones) and Stephen MacLeod (Windom Earle).
He also has brought ringer Laura Barrett into the mix to perform guest vocals on “Truffle Shuffle.“
The result is something much different than a live B.A. Johnston concert experience.
Gone is the sweat. Gone are the terrible smells emanating from a rarely washed costume.
Gone is a night of too much Labatt 50 in a bad bar with fluorescent lighting. What you are left with is the heart of a B.A. performance.
It’s a bit of truth-telling and some honest songwriting from a guy who has spent the last 35 years playing shows all over the country with no plans of stopping as long as the van holds up and mother approves.

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