Bahamas & The Weather Station @ Mavericks [April 12, 2012]

Even a Sens Game didn’t stop people from attending to this sold out show at Mavericks on April 12, 2012.
It was one of those shows you had to be there.
Playing at the show:
Bahamas @ Mavericks
The Weather Station
The Weather Station @ Mavericks

I hadn’t been to a show at Mavericks where the audience was very quiet and attentive to the music.
I was kind of weird out at first being the only minority at the show but surprisingly enough I did some Asians and other minorities showing up later.
Anyways while everyone was waiting for the show to start.
I noticed Tamara of The Weather Station was getting ready to go up on stage and noticed Afie of Bahamas getting ready too.

Well both came up on stage and the audience went crazy.
The show started off with Toronto’s The Weather Station.
Having seen her in March during CMW.
This time she was solo but she was accompanied by Afie of Bahamas which was a surprise.
It was an amazing set and surprised to hear how quiet it got when she played.
She played tracks from the album All Of It Was Mine.
Nice to see someone like Afie help out another artist.
He even played the drums on one song.
As I said it before and I will say it again, I swear Tamara is the next Joni Mitchell.
Go out and check The Weather Station.

Finally it was Bahamas’ turn.
You can say it was an album release for “Barchords“.
He had two backup singers and Jason Tait on drums.
It was a mix of Barchords and Pink Strats.

When he played Hockey Teeth, it was the best live version that he sang.
He tried to play You’re Bored, I’m Old quietly but their was a “punk” show happening upstairs at Dekcuf and he played it as fast as he can on his guitar.
The last song before the encore was “Never Again” which he calls it the TLC/R.Kelly song where the whole audience got to participate in singing the chorus.
He covered Tom Petty’s You Don’t Know How It Feels which I really enjoyed
One of the best shows Bahamas has played.

Here is a video which was taken at the encore and shot on my iPhone.
This is where the backup singers sang. Anyone know the name of the song?

Here are the rest of the photos.


  1. Jeremy

    Nice write-up of a great show. The encore lead-off was a cover of the Peter, Paul and Mary song “Tiny Sparrow.”

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