Bands Undone: Language-Arts

I am in love with Language-Arts.
The Vancouver band did a lovely set for Bands Undone.
Thought the band would be Kristen Cudmore and Gregor Phillips.
But they had two other members.
One member I was really surprised to find out, used to be Said The Whale‘s keyboardist.
What I love about the band was Kristen’s happiness and down to earth personality.
She was so nice and socialable.
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623575766252″]
The songs they played were:

  • Lighthouse
  • Coughdrops
  • Forgot the name of the song they played

Listen to this fun interview with the band.

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  1. Jackson

    new site looks and works great! sorry I couldn’t help.

    glad to see that you’ve bested the eternal frustration of the internets.

    enjoy the plug-ins!


  2. Michael

    Hey, congrats on the new site! I’ve always taken a glance at your blog as our blogs seems to complement each other sometimes.
    I think I really need to give Language-Arts another listen. I wasn’t a fan of Where Were You in the Wild? but I know the live experience can make all the difference.

  3. Post

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