Bands Undone: The Property Line

Ottawa’s The Property Line did a great session for Bands Undone on January 22, 2010.
It was nice and funny to see a band with seven members can fit into that same room at Canteen.
Joey Brunner who is the lead singer of the band was also his birthday.
The band was in full force with three tracks.
The Property Line @ Bands Undone
They sang:

  • The Start
  • My Design
  • Untitled (Which was only sung by Joey and Madelyn)
  • The Property Line @ Bands Undone

Listening to them do acoustically was amazing to see.
Jamie Kronick who is their drummer decided to get the band to do Bands Undone because he drummed for Laurent Bourque awhile ago.
Did a interview with just three of the members which were Joel, Joey and Jordan (Wow triple Js, who knew!)
The videos of the session should be up in a few days.
The Property Line @ Bands Undone

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