Farewell: Oh No Forest Fires

For those living in Toronto and going to the Legendary Horseshow Tavern.
January 23rd is the last show for Oh No Forest Fires.
Wish I could be there in attendance but it sucks that I live in Ottawa.
Oh No Forest Fires @ Cafe Dekcuf
The first time I saw this band was in November 7, 2008.
Let’s say it was the start of running up and down of Cafe Dekcuf and Mavericks.
I didn’t know there was a show upstairs, besides knowing that Fire Heats Water was playing (who I missed out because I was downstairs seeing Matt & Kim).
Oh No Forest Fires at Cafe Dekcuf
First time meeting Rajiv, he was really nice and told me that I should see their set.
Which I did and I was blown away with their performance.
Also got their CD “The War On Geometry” which I made a review.
Brock being the funny guy as he is always is.
Adam Nimmo not to my knowledge. I didn’t know he was the drummer for the Most Serene Republic.
That was a big surprise.
Oh No Forest Fires @ Mavericks
I missed out their show back in August of 2009.
But my brother did manage to interview some members.

They will always be a part of my musical findings for Canadian indie music.
It maybe a end to something good but a beginning to something unique.
Farewell Oh No Forest Fires
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