Bands Undone: The Wooden Sky

Video by Basically Brian

It was a busy January 24th at Bands Undone.
The Wooden Sky @ Bands Undone
Toronto’s The Wooden Sky made their second appearance at Canteen.
First time at Canteen was on August 17, 2008 for their Bedrooms and Backstreets Tour.
If you don’t know about them.
Their music is indie rock with some folk/country sound to them.
Members consist of:

  • Gavin Gardiner
  • The Wooden Sky @ Bands Undone

  • Andrew Kekewich
  • The Wooden Sky @ Bands Undone

  • Simon Walker
  • The Wooden Sky @ Bands Undone

  • Andrew Wyatt
  • The Wooden Sky @ Bands Undone

Being strapped for time because they had a show later that night at the GCTC (which I went and will write a review for it).
Being the nice band they are, they were gracious and didn’t mind about the hectic time schedule.

Their setup was insane but when hearing them live in a small space was totally amazing.
Usually at Bands Undone, a band or musician will have to play three songs.
For them after their third song, the band wanted to play another song.
Great to see a band that wants to play more of their music and shows their love of their craft.
Played a mix of the new album “If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone” and old album “When Lost At Sea”
Favorite was hearing the song “The Wooden Sky”
Overall it was totally a great session the Wooden Sky did.

Listen to the interview that Stephanie did with three members of the bands.
Funny and entertaining.

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