L.Poushinsky – Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

For those that listen to folk roots music.
You might or might not have heard of Ottawa singer/songwriter L.(Lisa) Poushinsky.
I’ve seen her play live two times so far.
She opened up for Flotilla back in September.
Did a CD Release show at a church back in November.
She released her album in November called Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter.
I found out recently is available on iTunes.
Trying to go through the music I had on the computer and just accidentally click on “Get Album Artwork”.
The cover just popped up which means that I can listen to her music on my iPod and see the album cover. (Sorry I have a thing with having a album cover on the iPod since it feels naked with nothing on the screen).
Listening to this album.
Lisa has that wispy smoky playful singing voice.
Passing Through reminds me of a Tori Amos piano ballad kind of song.
Bluesy sound in Heavy Shoes and Sweet Talk Me.
The rest has that pop folk rootsy sound in Flowers,There’s a Sweetness and Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter (which is kind of catchy to sing along).
A tropical sound in Vacation.

She has some musicians backing her up like Brian Simms and Dave Norris (Who will be at Bands Undone)

If you are into the folk roots music, this album you should check out.
Hopefully she will make a splash in the Ottawa music scene.

Best tracks:

  • Flowers
  • Air
  • Passing Through
  • Heavy Shoes
  • There’s a Sweetness
  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

If I rate this, it would be 7.9/10.
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