Basia/Leif @ The First Baptist Church

Video of Sparrow.

Video of the Shore.

February 13th was an amazing lovely sold out night to see Basia Bulat and Leif Vollebekk play in Ottawa.
It was like a CD Release show too since she recently released her second album “Heart Of My Own“.
It has been two years since she played the church.
Basia Bulat @ First Baptist Church
Something about her playing at the church made it so magical live.
If you are a first timers or repeater then you will be blown away on how a great musician she is.

Leif Vollebekk started out the show.
As you may of known, he has been frequently featured in this site various times.
Absolutely an amazing talented musician.
This is his third time opening up for Basia in Ottawa.
Leif Vollebekk @ First Baptist Church
This time he had a backing band to play.
Made his set alot lively.
Played tracks from his upcoming album, a Neil Young cover and some from Inlands.
Didn’t play my favorite which was 1921.
As mentioned previously, an artist you need to watch in 2010.

Finally Basia Bulat came up on the stage.
She was accompanied by Allison Wonderland who does the violin & backing vocals and Bobby Bulat (Basia’s brother) on the drums.
Basia Bulat @ First Baptist Church
As in the previous entry with the setlist.
Played alot from Heart of My Own.
While she played some from her debut album Oh My Darling.
Amazing hearing them live and it was wonderful to experience it.
Of course with the Ottawa fans, we had great timing when we did the clapping for “I Was A Daughter” and “Before I Knew (which she sang for the encore)”.
Basia was also surprised that someone bought their kid to the show.
Hearing the kid screaming in the back and Basia loved it.
It has been awhile that Basia played the piano which she did for “Snakes and Ladder” (a favorite!)
Favorite from “Heart Of My Own” is got to be “The Shore”.
When she played with her hammer harp and it was just tingling hearing her play and sing it.
It was intriguing seeing how she can play that instrument and see the hammer bouncing.
Simply one of the best shows for 2010.
The crowds were attentive and polite.


  1. glasspaperweight

    That sounded like an absolutely killer show. Just listened to Heart of My Own the other day and was amazed at the power in Basia Bulat’s voice. Vollebekk is also very good, from what I’ve heard. One of the other writers on my blog couldn’t find anything to criticize about Inland. Hoping to hear it myself soon.

  2. JargonJohn

    It was such a beautiful show! I’m so glad I got to go again! I can’t wait till she comes back to Ottawa!

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