Basia Bulat – Love is at the End of the World [Music Video]

While the pandemic didn’t let Basia Bulat tour the country to promote her beautiful album Are You Love? out on Secret City Records.
A few days ago, Basia dropped the music video for Love is a the End of the World which closes off the album.
Beautiful music video which is like (in my opinion) a homage to Kate Bush during her dancing days.

About the track and music video:
Basia explains the inspiration behind the song and video; “It began as a prayer of gratitude to friends who helped me through one of my darkest moments and became a promise to myself to always choose love over fear. We filmed this video in February before the world changed a thousand times over. It’s been such a hard year for so many – whenever I feel like the world is ending I know that at the same time so much love is being built into a new one.”

She goes on to say of the video; “The video’s dancers – Eryn Tempest and Hanako Hoshimi-Caines – brought a special energy and a spirit of rebirth to the video. I worked with Nora Rosenthal and Brian Sokolowski on all the videos for this album, and I’m thankful for Nora’s beautiful direction on this one and Brian’s dancing while holding a *really* heavy camera!”

Love is at the End of the World gets:

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