Lyrics [Best of 2015]

There was some pretty good songs that came out in 2015.
So why not take a look at what was the best lyrics of songs that I thought was the most fascinating to listen.
Here is this year’s list:

  1. Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian at Best.
    Love certain lyrics in the song:
    I’m resentful, I’m having an existential time crisis
    Want bliss, daylight savings won’t fix this mess
    Under-worked and over-sexed, I must express my disinterest
    The rats are back inside my head, what would Freud have said?

    Put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint you
    Tell me I’m exceptional and I promise to exploit you
    Give me all your money and I’ll make some origami honey
    I think you’re a joke but I don’t find you very funny

    I want to wash out my head with turpentine cyanide
    I dislike this internal diatribe
  2. Braids – Miniskirt.
    Such a powerful song and this lyric stood out the most:
    But in my position
    I’m the slut
    I’m the bitch
    I’m the whore
    The one you hate
  3. Björk – Stonemilker.
    This part is so heartbreaking!
    What is it that I have
    That makes me feel your pain?
    Like milking a stone
    To get you to say it
  4. Adele – Hello.
    Love the beginning part of the song which just goes as (Probably sing it the way Adele sings it):
    Hello, it’s me.
  5. The Acorn – Dominion
    Still my favourite track on Vieux Loup.
    Remember to draw the blinds, and grant the light a days dominion over you and I.
  6. U.S. Girls – Sororal Feelings.
    Based from the novel by Michael Ondaatje’s “Coming Through Slaughter”.
    One of the darker songs on Half Free.
    You never know if I was the best maybe
    Mary had you in a really deep sweat
    I heard Lucy really gave a ride
    You know Sarah with those long thin thighs
    You damaged my pride
    I’m gonna leave without goodbye
    You played the game with all my sisters before you settled on me
    You didn’t pay me
    You thought that you should get it free
    Sororal feelings that used to come so naturally
    And now I’m going to hang myself
    Hang myself from my family tree
  7. Sufjan Stevens – Should Have Known Better.
    I should have known better
    Nothing can be changed
    The past is still the past
    The bridge to nowhere
    I should have wrote a letter
    Explaining what I feel, that empty feeling
  8. Big Dick – Up a Step.
    My favourite track on the album for a 2 minute song can be so catchy to listen to.
    Up a step: ad infinitum, ad nauseum, it’s killing me.
    Stepping back not enough, and giving up everything.
    “Sorry man, you’re forgettable” – I could have told you that, I could have told you that I don’t care much for stepping out.
  9. Låpsley – Hurt Me.
    Couldn’t stop listening to this emotional song.
    Can’t look at you the same way, anticipatin’ heartbreak
    And I know, and I know, and I know
    I’m puttin’ on a brave face to meet you in the same place
    And I know, and I know, and I know
    Gotta let my mind find another space
    Cause I heard these scars never go away
    And now I’m runnin’ out of ways to numb the pain
  10. Beach House – Sparks.
    The band returned with a lovely song which felt like I was in a cathedral church.
    This part of song gets to me.
    You go to school, you follow all the rules, you live inside
    Realize there’s something in your eyes, you’re back again
    From the spine rising through the mind, you give it up
    Just like a spark
    It’s a gift taken from the lips, you live again 

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