Best of 2010: Canadian Albums (#11-#20)

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Yikes! 2010 is almost coming to an end!
Getting close to the Top 10 on the Best of 2010 Canadian albums.
Doing alot of decision on who to put in this list.
This might be a surprise for some that I put some albums off the Top 10.
Hope you will like this list.

  1. Broken Social SceneForgiveness Rock Record

  2. Its been five years since the big Toronto indie band released a full album.
    This album is filled with great BSS guitar rocking tunes in World Sick, Forced To Love, Meet Me In the Basement and Water In Hell.
    Overall its a great and welcome back album but it won’t compare to their massive successful self-titled and “You Forgot It In People”.
    Listen to All To All.

  3. ShadTSOL

  4. A fine Canadian rap/hip-hop album to come out in 2010.
    The lyrics he sings on TSOL just blows my mind away.
    Listen to Yaa I Get It and Rose Garden

  5. Gramercy RiffsIt’s Heartbreak

  6. This album has this conceptual theme of someone’s breakup and how the journey will take that person.
    Surprised by the talent these members have to input on their first full-length.
    Listen to Call Me, Oh Linda!, The Freezedown

  7. The Love MachineSweater Weather

  8. After two EPs, the Ottawa band finally releases a full-length album.
    Sweater Weather is filled indie gritty rock catchy sing-along with some maturing sound.
    Listen to Love Is On Your Side

  9. Winter GlovesAll Red
    All Redhas a theme of life being a kid and the experience of growing up on life and love.
    Very heavy on the use of the synth keyboards and bass guitar.
    All Red got me on my feet dancing and loving the sound of the synth beats.
    Listen to Plastic Slides (via Up to the Hour)

  11. Young RivalLP

  12. Its like stepping back in the good old day of “cool Britannia rock of the 1960s”.
    There is alot of that British influence in their music.
    I can’t stop listening to LP.
    Its fun, catchy and accessibly for those hearing them for the first time.
    Listen to Don’t Make A Sound, Authentic

  13. Diamond RingsSpecial Affections

  14. The album has that throwback to the synth pop of the 1980s with some early 1990s techno beats.
    Apparently my review on this album was quite controversial that someone called me out on it. (OK I am not Oprah but thanks for giving me some views!)
    Listen to Something Else, All Yr Songs, Wait & See

  15. KarkwaLes Chemins De Verre
  16. Karkaw Chemins de Verre - on order but you can place it on hold with your library card.
    The winner of the 2010 Polaris Music Prize and a first for a French album to win it.
    Its a great indie rock album all sung in French.
    Breaking the language barriers all across Canada.
    Its a tough album to listen to if you don’t speak or understand the language.
    They are one of those French bands that makes you want to sing and speak in French.
    Listen to Les chemins de verreDors Dans Mon Sang and Marie, Tu Pleurs

    This one with Land Of Talk’s Liz Powell and the song is in English.

  17. PS I Love YouWelcome To The Muster Station

  18. Still amazes me that a duo like them can make really great tunes.
    Its still their first full-length and you can’t fault them for having really short songs.
    Overall a great debut for the mass of Canada to check out and a rocking partying album.
    Listen to 2012, Facelove and Meet Me At The Muster Station

  19. Jim Bryson and The WeakerthansThe Falcon Lake Incident

  20. Truly one of Ottawa’s best performing musician and songwriters at the moment.
    Being recorded in Falcon Lake, Manitoba with The Weakerthans, I am really surprised on the ten tracks having more of a upbeat rock feel.
    The songs are more about Jim’s personal experience and the journeys he endeavors.
    One of the best collaborations in 2010.
    Definitely one of Jim’s finest work to date.

    Video via
    Listen to Metal Girls, Constellation and Wild Folk

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