Best of 2010: Canadian Albums (#61-#75)

Its December and its time for the best of/year end list.
I am revealing the Top 75 on the Best of 2010 Canadian albums.
As previously post, I compiled a list of fifty.
With alot of albums that came out this year from Canadian acts, I decided to make it up to seventy-five.
With alot of listening and re-listening.
Also be happy that you are in the Top 75, it was no walk in park deciding who to list down.
Here is a seven part on the Best of 2010 Canadian albums.

  1. CowlickWires

  2. A great rock experimental psychedelic album.
    Listen to Wires

  3. Hot Panda – How Come I’m Dead

  4. Great alterna-pop album from the Edmonton band.
    Listen to Pools

  5. Jason Collett – Rat A Tat Tat

  6. Brenda from Earbuds and Ticket Stubs says: “Solid songwriting, solid backing band, fun rhythm. Love the drawl in his voice and it seems to have more menace in it this album.
    Listen to Bitch City

    Video by Woods & Wires Production.

  7. BoatsCannonballs, Cannonballs!

  8. Listen to Haircuts For Everybody!! & A Tinfoil Everythings

  9. Sadie Hell – Sadie Hell

  10. After quite some time, the band finally released their full length debut.
    A very intense work of music.

  11. The SadiesDarker Circles

  12. A surprise from this year’s Polaris Music Prize Shortlist.
    Listen to Another Year Again

  13. Bran Van 3000The Garden

  14. This album marks a surprising return from this Montreal band.
    Full of pop, electro-dance beats.
    Listen to Garden Waltz & Grace (Love On The Block)

  15. The Provincial Archive – Maybe We Could Be Holy

  16. Saw them live for the first time and they were brilliant.
    Listen to You Roll Like Raindrops

  17. Erin Lang – You Are Found

  18. A truly talented and nice musician. Saw her at Bands Undone and was just wonderful.
    Listen to You’re Coming Home

  19. The Wind Up Radio SessionsRed Brick House

  20. One of those albums you should take out while camping or relaxing at home or the backyard.
    Listen to Me and My Doe

  21. LeaferSea Scene

  22. Its very high energy and vibrant indie experimental rock with a touch of Quebec sound.

  23. The Racoon WeddingGather Gather Bones/Rattle Rattle Truth (Technically on iTunes it was released on June 15, 2010)

  24. This album should be in a western movie soundtrack.
    Listen to Adelaide and The Outlaw

  25. Centretown CripplersThere’s Nothing Good About Where You Live

  26. Sadly this was the last album from them.
    But its a fun, crazy and sometimes angry music for those not familiar of the Ottawa Indie Punk Rock Garage music scene.

  27. BocceDisambiguation

  28. So get your dancing shoes on and have a blast to this record. Also the album is free to download.
    Listen to Highlighter (Reverse Video)

  29. Old Crowns – Old Crowns

  30. Selt title debut is catchy, accessible and easy to listen to.
    Listen to She’s a Weight

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