Best of 2012: Canadian Albums [TOP 12]

The time has finally come and probably waiting for this? 😛
In case you missed out my radio show on CHUO FM at 3pm.
I give to you my “Best of” Top 12 Canadian albums of 2012.
I know what I picked may not be what people weren’t thinking.
It’s my list and sticking to it! 😛
But hope to give some conversation about it.
Check out the Top 12.
1. The ElwinsAnd I Thank You

2. Evening HymnsSpectral Dusk

3. Grimes – Visions

4. The White Wires – WWIII

5. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – Yt//St [Because they had a great year and album got re-released on Paper Bag Records]

6. Purity Ring – Shrines

7. Metz – Metz

8. Parlovr – Kook Soul

9. Stars – The North

10. The Luyas – Animator

11. Tops – Tender Opposites

12. Kashka – Vichada

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