Bluesfest 2009: Day 10

It seemed to be a calm Friday night at Bluesfest.
The acts that I saw were:
Watters Brothers
Hundreds and Thousands
Silver Creeks
Paolo Nutini
Blue Rodeo (Mostly watched and listened)

Ottawa act Watters Brothers started off the show.
I was kind of confused on when they started doing hip-hop?
Watters Brother @ Ottawa Bluesfest

Caught abit of Hundreds and Thousands.
Very power pop-rock sound.
Hundreds and Thousands @ Ottawa Bluesfest

Silver Creek played the Bank Of America stage.
Silver Creek @ Ottawa Bluesfest

I have to say the best acts was seeing Cake and Paolo Nutini.
Cake was very entertaining considering I was familiar with the songs they played.
I was happy to hear Short Skirt/Long Jacket and I did get an autograph of the lead singer.
CAKE @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Paolo Nutini was like going to a boy band show since there were alot of girls screaming like crazy.
It is great to have someone from Europe come to Ottawa and play a show.
Great singer to check out.
Paolo Nutini @ Ottawa Bluesfest

There was a big crowd for Blue Rodeo.
I was familiar with any of the songs they played.
Waiting for them to play Try which they did for their encore.
Something about that song just gets me singing like an idiot.


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