Bluesfest 2009: Day 9

It was another fun-filled night at Bluesfest and it was the night after KISS.
Still people are talking about what a show it was.
While there were some people mentioning the craziness at the K’Naan show too.

There was still excitement on Day 9 of Bluesfest.
The acts that I didn’t see were Styx, LIVE, Busta Rhymes and Alan Parsons.

The show started off at Rogers Stage with the Edmonton band, Shout Out Out Out Out.
This was my second time seeing them and they put on such a fun show.
There were some people getting into their music which was nice to see.
I did get to say hi to Will and Gravy.
Shout Out Out Out Out @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Ran over to the Blacksheep Stage and checked out Ottawa band Politique.
It was a great set and nice to see alot of people showing support for Ottawa talent.
Great fun hearing tracks like Beat The Retreat.
Played some new tracks.
Mallory of the band looked really pretty on stage.
Politique @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Then ran over to the Bank Of America stage and tried to photograph Busta Rhymes.
Apparently when I got there I heard from another photographer that Busta hasn’t shown up in Ottawa.
He was coming straight from Montreal.
Heard from the media guy that he won’t be in Ottawa for 7:45pm.

Later I found out that his set only lasted for 25 minutes. How crazy was that?

I missed out LIVE playing, would have been nice hearing Lighting Crashes live.

So I gave up photographing him and just went back to the Blacksheep stage and just wait abit for M83 to start.
M83 is a electronica band from France and it was their first time to play in Ottawa.
I am glad with a festival like Bluesfest, that bands like them can come to Ottawa.
I shot for the first two songs
Then I decided to hang at the sidestage and I was surprised with their tour manager.
She was very nice to give me the setlist since I was writing down stuff about their set.
Here is what they played.
We Own The Sky
Teen Angst
Kim & Jessie
Don’t Save Us
M83 @ Ottawa Bluesfest
My favorites were We Own The Sky, Sitting (very new wave and dancey), Skin (Dreamy epic), Don’t Save Us (Electro-Dance number), Guitar (Instrumental electro-rock dance) and Couleurs (Euro-dance number)
Afterwards, I helped a volunteer who is a big fan of them get their autograph and photo.
They are nice people and I hope they come back to Ottawa.
M83 @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Went to the Hard Rock Cafe Stage, playing was Les Claypool.
A member of Primus if they are still together?
It was a freaky show, since most of the members wore mask.
The lighting was too low so I was there for about a song.
Les Claypool @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Finally went back to the Blacksheep Stage and I was excited to see Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.
Really surprised with the turnout which went all the way up to the hill.
Not like the K’Naan show, there was a variety of age group and races that were in attendances.
Started off with the members of the Dap-Kings playing.
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings @ Ottawa Bluesfest
About four minutes of them playing when Sharon Jones appear and it was crazy.
I am blown away by her singing and talent.
She just had that stage presence.
Loving that funk, soul and that bit of Motown feel.
Sang some of her old stuff plus some new tracks from the upcoming album.
After the second song, I just went to the side stage and just danced away.
Wow she has that funky-soul vibe.
Sharon in four different songs, bought up people on stage when she sang and danced to them.
She sure knows how to party on.
Amazing wonderful fun set.
I’d go see her again when or if she comes back.
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Afterwards I got to talk to her for abit and she was so nice and lovely.
I told her that I had stage freight and didn’t want to go on stage with her.
She was funny and knew I didn’t want to go becuase of the look I made.
I already had my share of going up on stage.
Recommended me to get the album Dap Dippin’
And told me that four songs she sang were new.
Did a dedication for Michael Jackson which was heartfelt.
Love she did abit of a medley of his songs which was mostly from the Jackson 5 era and did abit of the Moonwalk.
Now I can’t wait for the new album.
Then she gave me a goodbye kiss. What a nice classy lady.

Anyways that was my night of Bluesfest.


  1. Bob Muma

    I wanted to see Sharon Jones. My plan was to split the 9:30 spot between her and Alan Parsons. Parsons put on a show that far exceeded my expectations (maybe my bar was too low) and I stayed for the whole. Have to see Ms. Jones the next time she’s in the city. Now that maybe sooner rather then later.

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