Bluesfest 2009: Day 11

Day 11 of Bluesfest was another great time.
I mostly spent time at the Blacksheep Stage since most of the lineup I was eager to see.
Caught two acts in the Bank Of America stage while I only watched and listened to Ludacris at Rogers Stage.

The acts that I caught were:
Honeyman and the Brothers Farr
The Deep Dark Woods
That 1 Guy
Black Mountain

The ones that I missed were Becky Abbot and Friendly Rich & the Lollipop People.
I feel bad that I missed Friendly Rich & the Lollipop People because this week I just got the album in the mail but I haven’t had time to listen because I am in Bluesfest mode and forgot to check out your set due to getting into Woodhand’s music.
But I will listen to the album while Bluesfest is over.

Funktagon was nice to see in the big stage.
Very fun and hip.
Hope they will do more shows in Ottawa.
Funktagon @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Honeyman and the Brothers Farr was my first time checking them out.
They have this acoustic-pop sound coming from Montreal.
Honeyman & the Brothers Farr @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Hollerado played the big stage. I was kind of surprised they had a choir.
It was a first for me to see that kind of setup.
At least I finally caught a song from them since I keep missing them when they play in Ottawa.
Hollerado @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Poorfolk rocked Blacksheep Stage.
At least they played when it was nice and sunny.
Previewed two new songs.
Great band to see live.
Poorfolk @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Woodhands was hands down the best performance.
Their music just let everyone be free and dance away.
There was a part in their set where it rained but people didn’t care and just danced.
The rain stopped when they did the cover of Electric Avenue.
Last song was Dancer and everyone was getting into it.
Funny that this girl said it was cute that Paul sings the female part of the song.
Kind of sucks that their set was very short but you know it is a music festival.
Woodhands @ Ottawa Bluesfest
The Deep Dark Woods was great.
Very folky country rock.
Nice people in the band.
The Deep Dark Woods @ Ottawa Bluesfest
That 1 Guy was totally amazing and entertaining.
Makes me wonder how he does it with that crazy instrument he plays.
Love a artist that tells people you should support live music.
Surprised the turnout was big for him.
Everyone should check him out live if you can.

Ludacris which I was told was in media lockdown, meaning no media/photographers can get into the pit.
Guess he has a really strict manager.
I wasn’t thinking of covering him but wanted to take a chance.
I did stay for about three songs because I was hanging with the members of Poorfolk and their friends.
Really fun times hanging with them during Ludacris’s set.

Black Mountain totally rocked the Blacksheep Stage.
I finally got a chance to see them live finally.
Crowds was loving but I didn’t see a haze of smoke.
Great epic rock songs they make.
I was happy to hear Angels and Tyrants.
Such a great band to see live.
Black Mountain @ Ottawa Bluesfest
That is it for Bluesfest
Photos will be up after I am done with Bluesfest


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