Bluesfest 2010: The Kelp Records Revue

Decided to make a separate entry from Day 1 of Bluesfest.
Since there were alot of photos I have taken and needed to organize them well.
For those that didn’t want to check out Iron Maiden and wanted something less heavy.
This was one show I decided to check out.
This one was the Kelp Records Revue showcase featuring:

After that it was the The Kelp Records Revue.
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157624317979165″]

It was an amazing showcase of the acts who are on Kelp Records.
Started with Chris Page who rocked it out.
Second was Flecton Big Sky.
Third was “MC” Andrew Vincent and totally rapped it out which I wanted to see.
Fourth was Rolf Klausener of the Acorn. Forgot the name of the song he sang.
Fifth was Jim Bryson. He sang The Wishes Pile Up.
Sixth was The Hilotrons. I was very surprised for that since they were on hiatus. They sang Emergency Streets.
Lastly the Blues man (played by Hilotrons Mike Dubue) was very interesting to watch.
Overall it was some showcase that Kelp Records did for the first night of Ottawa Bluesfest.
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