Bluesfest 2010: Day 2

Day 2 at Bluesfest was another scorching hot weather day.
It was somewhat of a slow music night.
There was one act I really wanted to see.
There was one act (with the advice from a friend) just caught me by surprise.
Here is a list of who I saw on day 2.

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Gipsy Kings @ Bluesfest
Gipsy Kings was very fun to watch and listen.
Didn’t stick around due to the heat.
I was kind of surprised they played really early.
They have a big following and be more like a 9pm timeslot kind of band.
But the crowds loved them anyways.

Jonas & The Massive Attraction @ Bluesfest
The one that was surprising was Jonas & the Massive Attraction.
Jonas and his band are from Montreal.
He drew a decent amount of people to the Subway Stage.
Later on the crowds grew bigger.
I was very surprised with his set, he had a great stage presences (knows how to get to ladies screaming) and the music was high energetic rock tracks.
The drummer looks very familiar.
Jonas & The Massive Attraction @ Bluesfest
By the encore it was epic and fun.
One of the surprise sets on Day 2 at Bluesfest.
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