Broken Social Scene – World Sick (Song Review)

While die hard Broken Social Scene fans are waiting for the long awaited fifth album Forgiveness Rock Record to drop on May 4th.
Found out that Broken Social Scene released the leading single called World Sick.
I have to say that this 6:48 minute track is so epic!!
Can’t believe its been five years since their self-titled album.
With alot of changes and experimental outings with the “Broken Social Scene Presents…”
With the song title like there will be alot of interpretation of what it means.
To me it means a open letter to all their fans that they are sorry for taking a long time.
Can’t wait on the new album since its kind of shrouded in secrecy and who will be in the album IE Feist, Emily Haines, James Shaw, Jason Collett and others.
Definitely sounds like they are back in form and ready to take over Canada and possibly the world.
Even the album artwork we can tell that this album will be really big!
Have a listen to World Sick.
The song is free to download on their official website.
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