Owen Pallett/Diamond Rings (Night two)

I am still abit speechless and overwhelmed for the pass two nights.
Again I went to see Owen Pallett and Diamond Rings at the Black Sheep Inn on Feb 19th.
Another packed/sold out show.
So packed that it was getting hot inside the Black Sheep Inn.
Being on a Friday night, the show started off later.
Cat @ The Black Sheep Inn
Diamond Rings came on at around 9:30pm.
Fun as always with Diamond Rings.
Dancing with my friends this time.
There were two songs that he didn’t play from Thursday night’s show.
One being the ballad/piano song.
Overall it was a fun set.
If you don’t know what Diamond Rings sound like, listen to “All Yr Songs”.
DIamond Rings @ Black Sheep Inn
Afterwards Owen came on.
He looked very different from Thursday’s show.
Thursday’s he had more of that hip look with the funky hat and tanktop.
He wore a black long sleeve shirt and no hat on.
Started off with two amazing tracks.
Something happened during the second or third song.
There was some technical sound difficulties. It was kind of awkward but Owen played it cool.
Amazing to see such a great talented music.
Still my favorite was he did Fantasy again and the audience loved it.
It was kind of short from Thursday night but I still enjoyed the show.
Owen Pallett @ Black Sheep Inn
Want to say thanks to Jackson for the ride and fun. Also too with Ryan, David, Madeleine and her friend.
It was a fun night seeing this show for the second time.
Definitely have to see him live in concert.

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  • Lewis Takes Action
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