Catriona Sturton, Shannon Eddy & Ashley Condon @ Raw Sugar Cafe [November 24, 2012]

Went to a nice intimate and surprisingly packed show at Raw Sugar Cafe on November 24th.
It was a lineup filled with great talented female musicians.
I really wanted to see Catriona Sturton play at this great venue.
Playing at the show:
Catriona Sturton
Shannon Eddy
Ashley Condon

The show started off with Ashley Condon.
She played a nice acoustic bluesy-folk rock music.
Nice that she got Catriona to come up and join her for one song.
Really enjoyed her set.
Next was Shannon Eddy, she played a really nice piano pop music
A nice great set.

Lastly was Catriona.
She was brilliant live.
Played a mix of rock, folk and blues on the harmonica.
Didn’t a nice blues version of I Put A Spell On You

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