Catriona Sturton and Liz Stevens @ NAC Fourth Stage

Enjoyed a lovely and wonderful show at the NAC Fourth Stage on April 13, 2018 [No bad luck!!]
Performing at the sold-out show was Catriona Sturton and Liz Stevens.
Liz Stevens @ NAC Fourth Stage
Wonderful performance by Liz Stevens from Alberta.
Performed a nice cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games.
Great start to the show.
Catriona Sturton @ NAC Fourth Stage
Then it was Catriona’s turn to perform.
Accompanied by Kristy Nease on guitar and Ben Deinstadt on drums
She had a lot of wonderful display of props like a cardboard bumble bee, spinning wheel and other kinds of stuff on stage.
Mix of blues, folk and rock music which was great to see.
Check the photos below.

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