CD Review: Musk Ox

Finally got time to listen to the Musk Ox CD.
Musk Ox is a solo artist named Nathanaël Larochette.
His music is instrumental/neofolk/acoustic/ambient genre.
When I saw him open up for Torngat, he had two band members.

Listening to this album, felt relaxing and chilling.
I feel like in a state of zen.

Tracks on this CD:

  1. Un Jardin Au Bout Du Monde
  2. Sur Une Infine Route De Terre
  3. Entre La Terre Et Le Ciel
  4. Les Plus Beaux De Nos Jours
  5. Lullaby For Ghosts

I felt like it was outside in the wilderness on tracks 1-4.
Just has that earthiness sound to it.
I like every track on this CD.

Worth getting if you like listening to instrumental music

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