Show Review: Hooded Fang/Whitsundays @ Zaphods

Last night I went to Zaphods to see two bands.
They were Hooded Fang from Toronto and Whitsundays from Edmonton.

It was a quiet evening.
Not a big turnout but I ain’t complaining.
I like it since I could move around, dance freely and snap some photos (More was alot which I shouldn’t be doing). Not like the Coeur de Pirate show which was crazy full.
Would have been great to have more people attending but its probably with the kids doing exams.

Just as long I get word of mouth spreading for these two bands.
Hooded Fang @ Zaphods
The first band was Hooded Fang and it was my first time checking them out.
I wanted to see them back in February where they opened up for the Rural Alberta Advantage but it conflicted with Basia Bulat that night.
Band is made up of three females and two guys.
Their music is very indie pop-rock.
I quite enjoyed their set very much.
The second song was funny because a girl just went on stage with them and just danced away.
I would have went up but I would look like an idiot.
They played three new songs and the rest were from their five song EP.
Overall I love their catchy fun set.
Set list:

  • *something* up
  • Laughing
  • The Pageant
  • Land
  • Sleep
  • Circles in Blocks
  • Fall Leaves

A band you should need to check out.

The second band was the Whitsundays
Whitsundays @ Zaphods
They hail from Edmonton.
I didn’t know one of the members is from Faunts.
The other is from Shout Out Out Out Out (Say that really quickly).
They got up a with a western theme with the bassist with his Russian hat.
I enjoyed their set.
Their music was very indie rock oriented.
Some parts were heavy and some were experimental.

After they sang Lorelee.
I really love Silent In The Wind or Take Me.
Love when they play their songs when its loud and heavy.

Set list:

  • Sweet Talking
  • It Must Be Me
  • Antisocial
  • Sorry James
  • Falling Over
  • Already Gone
  • I Want It All
  • Extasy Tablets
  • Bring It All Home
  • Lorelee
  • Silent In The Wind
  • Take Me
  • Wandering Around

Overall it was a nice evening despite being a low turnout.
I didn’t really care and just want to spread the word out for these two bands.

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