CD Review: The Urban Aesthetics

If you want a copy of this CD.
Just e-mail me saying you want this CD.

After seeing them last night at Zaphods.
I got myself a copy of their EP simply titled The Urban Aesthetics.
If you don’t know who they are?
Urban Aesthetics is a indie Ottawa band and was featured in this blog.
Their name sounds hip and catchy and love the album cover.
Members *typing from their album cover* are:

  • Greg Janssen 
  • JD Rifkin 
  • Jen Rouse 
  • Evan Runge
  • Joe Thibodeau

Listening to this CD, it is a mix of indie pop, rock, folk and alternative.
Its nice to hear different styles to this band.


Favorite tracks:

  • Don’t Go Takin’ It To Heart
  • See The Sunshine Through The Haze (Reminds me of Leonard Cohen) 
  • You Get Used To It (Reminds me of Sloan)
  • Heavier Than Heaven (Reminds of BSS)

Basically I like every track on this CD.
If they tour in your neck of the woods, go see them live.

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