Centertown Cripplers – Motor Points Of The Face (Review)

Centretown Cripplers
Finally got time to listen to this EP by Centretown Cripplers, who’ve I’ve gotten to known so well.
First time I sound them was in November of 2008 where they opened up for Oh No Forest Fires and the
same night as Matt & Kim in another venue.
They were amazing live and surprised that there was alot of people to see them.
They are a big band, with seven members.
Fun to see how seven members have great dynamics, even if one of them doesn’t show up on time before the their soundcheck.
Met the drummer at Osheaga while waiting in line for tickets last summer.
They only made 75 copies
It has seven tracks and goes by this:

  • Goan Wildman
  • We Got Nothing
  • Innocent People
  • Hands
  • Waves
  • Eat The Bee
  • Stepping Stone (Live) [Bonus track]

Style of music is garage (Pronouncing the British way) pop rock.
They only made 75 copies of the CD.
All I have to say that this is a really good EP.
Very fun, catchy, high energy and good ol’ garage rock music.
The sound has that circa-1980s rock feel.
Really fun CD to listen to.
Surprised they added a bonus track which is a live track called Stepping Stone.
Even at their live shows its also fun to attend.

Best Tracks:

  • Goan Wildman
  • We Got Nothing
  • Hands
  • Waves
  • Eat The Bees

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